Have you been dreaming of having your own stylish and well-lit swimming pool in your backyard? No doubt, many of us desire to have our own swimming pools at home in time for relaxation, bonding sessions and socialization. When you have it built, you will enjoy the benefits it will bring to your family especially the joy it will bring to your little ones. However, the work does not stop in cleaning the water being used. It should be well maintained for long term use. This is where the need to call a reliable swimming pool maintenance service providers comes in. Why? The task in maintaining the whole swimming pool is difficult and highly technical. It’s not just swishing a net around to snag fallen leaves and dead bugs. Nonetheless, it needs to be done or you’re left with an eyesore, a space waster, and a safety hazard. It’s definitely not what you had in mind when you made the decision to have a pool in your property. Swimming pool maintenance companies will perform the following services for you:

1. Skimming the pool’s surface – This is tedious work. There are lots of tiny things that end up floating in your pool water. You need to get them out before they sink to the bottom and become harder to get rid of. Besides using a long-handled skimmer, the pool maintenance people also need to clean out your strainer baskets to remove debris and improve circulation as well as lower chlorine requirements.

2. Brush and vacuum the walls and tiles – This ideally needs to be done weekly to minimise calcium deposits and algae build-up. This is obviously tiring work. It’s important to use the right cleaning tools, such as the right kind of brush for the materials used in your pool, a putty knife, a pumice stone, some muriatic acid, etc. Your filter will also be checked every time your pool is vacuumed.

3. Check water and pH levels – If the water level falls below the level of the skimmer, it could mean that the pump is broken. To ensure that your pool water is clean and healthy, the pool maintenance technician will check its pH level. The ideal reading is between 7.2 and 7.8.

4. Super-chlorinate the water – Your pool can be contaminated so that the chlorine in your pool interacts with ammonia and nitrogen, leading to the formation of chloramines. To shock the pool water back to normal chlorine levels, it’s important to super-chlorinate the water regularly.