Have an assembly line? Looking for something which would be an asset to your unit? Think of an automatic screw machine as a kind of lathe that you can use to screw in small to large parts of a bar stock. It can help you turn in a large number of components with high precision and low supervision.

How does it work?

This equipment was initially designed for the manufacture of screws. The bar stock would be firmly held in the moving headstock and simultaneously rotated against a fixed cutting tool. This instrument consists of the following parts – a headstock, base, work spindle, rear tool slide, front tool slide, and a turret, whether cam-operated or CNC. Some of the models also feature an end-finishing tool. This is a piece of big automation equipment that is precise, efficient, and intelligent. As part of its working mechanism, this machine uses several hi-tech instrumentations.

What are the Different Safety Features?

This machine can become an integral and intelligent part of production lines, but you need to be aware of its various safety features to prevent hazards. If you are considering getting this piece of equipment for your production unit, you need to follow the following safety guidelines:

Before you turn it on, you need to ensure twice that none of the parts of the automatic screw fastener are anywhere close to your body or the body of the person who will operate it. Otherwise, it increases the risk of the person getting hurt.

Cleaning and maintenance need to be performed according to the instructions mentioned in the catalog. Once in a while, a thorough cleaning is mandatory. But before you get ready to clean, make sure that the machine has been shut down for at least 15 minutes.

The power cord needs to be kept in a safe and secure spot. This keeps it protected. When not in use, ensure to keep the cord stored carefully.

It should be only run by skilled and knowledgeable operators. The operation instructions are pretty rigorous and complicated. But once you run it a few times, it will become smoother. However, no one other than a certified operator with certain expertise should be allowed to work this machine.

What is the Required Maintenance?

Like any other industrial equipment, this one too needs timely maintenance and repair. The rate of maintenance depends on the frequency of use. But don’t worry since it calls for minimal primary upkeep. The routine is very simple, something which any experienced operator can perform. All it needs is daily cleaning that takes up only a few minutes.

A good manufacturer’s primary goal is to develop industrial products that need minimum upkeep and repairs. They know how vital these products are in an assembly plant, and a sudden breakdown can cause huge losses for the company. Therefore an automatic screw fastener needs a basic and simple routine.