The amount of bedrooms and bathrooms determines much of the calculations regarding pricing of homes. Why? Because they determine an overall sense of functionality in the house. However, out of both a bedroom and a bathroom, the bathroom could arguably be the most utilized and functional room of all. You will want to make sure you keep your bathroom in tip top shape, and the toilet is no exception. The loo in your bathroom needs to be working or else everyone will be very inconvenienced. Here are five things to do today to avoid a clogged toilet tomorrow.

  1. Regular maintenance

Toilets are one of the most useful appliances in the bathroom. You will want to make sure that it is in proper working order at all times. One of the ways to achieve this is to make sure that you do regular maintenance on it. This can be done by cleaning it periodically with mild cleaners or specifically designed products. This helps keep things clean and will keep rust/calcium from building up as well as give you an opportunity to spot any other issues.

  1. Inspect the tank

It is very helpful to inspect the tank from time to time. Many issues related to water leakage or a perpetually running toilet occur as a result of the tank. Inside the tank are many different components that may occasionally need to be replaced. At times the float may need to be adjusted or the chain that connects the water valve may break off, rust, or need adjustments as well. By checking up on the tank and inspecting the components you can keep things in working order before they turn into a highly inconveniencing disaster.

  1. Fix leaks right away

This sounds simply enough but many people let things go until they escalate into more expensive and complicated problems. If you are experiencing a leak, it is important to identify the issue immediately and to take care of it. A leak can occur when there is something broken and water is escaping, or when water is overflowing. An overflowing loo can cause a ton of damage to your floors, walls, and carpets and create huge bills. Take care of any suspected leaks immediately.

  1. Know what is flushable and what is not

Do not assume people know what they can and cannot flush. It is not uncommon to see signs in public restrooms telling customers to avoid flushing paper towels or sanitary napkins. Your bathroom is no different. Avoid flushing anything other than human waste and toilet paper. Other items, especially ear swabs, may seem flushable but they will wreck havoc on your septic system and even clog your plumbing.

  1. Make sure you always use a flanged plunger

Flanged plungers are the best when it comes to taking care of immediate clogs. The flange creates an extra strong seal that allows for more suction pressure in the pipe you are trying to clear. This makes the job of plunging a toilet much easier with less splash back and chances for unsavory moments.

Use these tips to make sure your bathroom stays in proper working order.