Watching a master plumber come into your home and make quick work of a repair is both awe-inspiring and defeating. On one hand, you’re thrilled that someone who knows what they’re doing got the job done right from the start. You’re also left feeling as though you’ve failed somewhere in life. You may even wonder why you didn’t become a master plumber.

Of course, you know it is just frustration talking, but it can stick in your mind when someone, using fairly basic tools that you might even own, was able to make a repair that was out of your reach. This is how you start to recognize, and admire, the work that master plumbers put into their certification and licensing.

There are some folks out there that are tempted to ask for any advice or insight from their plumbing pro. There are some incredibly generous service techs who are more than willing to give you advice on regular maintenance and even some small repairs. However, this isn’t the case with all of them. Just remember that it’s not that they are being rude. It just wouldn’t make much sense for a master plumber to give you a copy of his or her own playbook, right?

Even without this almost sacred insight, you might be surprised to learn that many master plumber secrets aren’t really that secretive. Many of the most common issues they run into are common knowledge.

Here are a few example:

Dripping Water – A little dripping water can really help when the temperature drops. Sure, you might have a little more to pay on your water bill, but it beats paying for a busted pipe and water damage.

Fix Issues with Fixtures Early – These are those little repair jobs that are really easy to ignore. If you’re faucets or toilet are dripping or running, though, that’s money right down the drain. You need to get on those repairs ASAP.

“Using Your Toilet As Trash Can – Even though products come out & say they are safe to go down your toilet, just remember that the only things that should go down your toilet are waste & toilet tissue.

DIY Water Savers – Offsetting the water usage of your toilet with a wrapped brick or a filled gallon jug may cause it to be inefficient. You’ll find that replacing your home’s toilets with low-flow units will use less water & save you money in the long-run.

Manic Mondays – This is one’s a bit odd, but it makes sense. We tend to have bigger get-togethers on the weekend, and with more usage comes more work for your plumbing system. Also, a lot more DIY work takes place during the weekend, which means any errors that have to be corrected happen on Monday.

Taking a small peek into the mind of the master plumber is nice for the proactive homeowner looking to keeping their plumbing operating at its best. However, it’s always important to know that you’ve got a plumbing pro nearby that’s got your back when you need some assistance.