Household pests are undesired animals found all over the world and probably in every house. Some people name them as unwanted guests sharing homes and belongings. Irrespective of season and region, they invade homes with all their effort. When it comes to the existence of bugs and critters in this planet, they are essential to balance the ecosystem. But, when it comes to their existence in the house, they cause trouble creating damage to home, bringing diseases, and spreading displeasing smell and trash. No matter how clean you keep your house, some intruding pests will crash your creative effort of homemaking. So, it is highly essential to keep your eyes on them and adopt sound measures to save your beautiful habitation. Often, people avoid checking places around home and face the problem of pests at places they never predicted. Hence, pest control measures should be adopted to get rid of most of the common pests including cockroaches, mosquitos, etc.

Before taking any measure, you should be sure about different pests, their habitats and wat weapon should be used against them. Here, let’s list out the most common household pests as a first step towards your control measure.

Common household pests:

  1. Cockroaches

They can destroy and contaminate food, staining surfaces, destroying papers, fabric, etc.

Live in kitchen, wall cavities, cupboards, bottom of LPG cylinder, dark and abandoned places around home.

  1. Ants

Their habits include hollowing wood, entering into food items, destroying papers, contaminating food etc.

They love to hide in lawn, wooden cavities, dry soil near the house, behind baseboards, moldings, countertops, etc.

  1. Spiders

What they do: forms web on walls and roof, bites human causing swelling, egg can fall into human food, etc.

Living place: Garage, sheds, warehouses, indoor plants, walls, roof, grills of windows, etc.

  1. Rats

They can destruct food, plumbing areas, books, clothes, and other household goods, contaminate human by biting

Their place of living includes empty food containers, unattended holes, storeroom, baseboards, kitchen area, etc.

  1. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes Transmit diseases like malaria, nile virus, zika, etc.

Find them in rass and weeds near house, dark places in the house, under the bed, trash cans, discarded tyres, etc.

  1. Moths

Can destroy sweaters, destroy food items like cereals, hatch eggs in food containers, etc.

They love to stay in the pantry area, food jars, clothes, wardrobes, draws, etc.

  1. Bed bugs

Bed bugs suck human blood, bite human, gives painful sensation that requires medical attention, etc.

Their place of stay includes, folded areas of bed, inside car, bus, electrical switch plates, mattress, crevices, etc.

  1. Silverfish

Can damage books and papers, damage insulation, cardboard, human hair, etc.

If you want to find them, check basements, dark places around home, stored boxes, paper, damp clothing, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

  1. Termites

Experts in eating wooden items, paper items, interior structures, bags, etc.

Hide in wet places around bathroom, wooden holes, corners of the room, utility rooms, kitchen, etc.

  1. Flies

What they do: carry bacteria and contaminate food, spreads diseases like typhoid, cholera, dysentery, causes infections like food poisoning, diarrhoea, etc.

Living place: trash can, fence wire, plants, wall and ceiling, places near to food, etc.

In addition to the above list, you should also be worries about gnats, fleas, centipedes, crickets, beetles, weevils, etc. But the above list includes most common guests and you should be careful about them every time. The best idea is to start taking measure since construction of the house.