It’s Back to School time! And that also means back to the possibility of head lice. Yuck!

Head lice happen when people gather in confined spaces. Schools are the perfect location for infestations and here we are at the beginning of a long school year! A few reasons head lice are bad in schools…

Reason #1: Children’s jackets and back packs are jammed together on little pegs or in piles giving lice a perfect path to new victims.

Reason #2: Younger students lounge on the floor or in bean bags during Story Time. These little monsters either crawl from head to head or lie in waiting for the next Story Time targets.

Reason #3: Older kids play sports and share head gear, helmets, and equipment. Yes, middle schools are now rife with head lice!

Reason #4: Selfies. Yes, Selfies – where kids put their heads together to snap a photo. It’s like a head lice superhighway! Seriously, teenagers are the fastest growing segment of the population with infestations because of Selfies.

Parents dread them and it’s no wonder. The amount of work involved in dealing with them and the sheer volume of laundry sends any sane parent to the verge of tears if they receive the call from school… “Your child has head lice.”

So, what do you do? Get some safe and effective products specifically used to treat head lice. For less than $10, you can treat your child and terminate all the adult bugs immediately. Place a shower cap on your child’s head for 4 hours to overnight and you’ve decimated the eggs or ‘nits’ so that they’ll never hatch and continue the nightmare. Simple, easy and effective.

So, who thought of the word ‘nits’ anyway? They are eggs but then again, they are more than your average egg. They are super sticky and are stuck on a hair shaft like cement glue. It used to be that all nits had to be combed out which is beyond a doubt, one of the most tedious, aggravating, irritating exercises in patience. Imagine, combing every single strand on an entire head. But not with all products! “HOORAY!” yelled all mothers collectively!

And as an added educational bonus, the term ‘nitpicking’, which is associated with irritating, aggravating, and overly critical behavior, stems directly from the wretched process of removing head lice nits from hair. Yes, combing nits out is the worst. Another “Hooray” from the chorus of parents since you don’t have to do that unless you opt for traditional pesticides.

If you fear head lice (or know there are some in your child’s classroom and don’t want to get them), apply a light spray of your safe and effective product on your child’s hair and belongings before school. It will keep these parasites at bay.

And keep you sane!