There are a variety of tools and implements that revolve around the idea of home improvement schemes. The options that are immediately available for consumption are vast and multifaceted. Some of the items that you may encounter over the course of your explorations may seem simple and commonsense while the some other devices lend an unprecedented air of sophistication and comfort to your daily routine. There are a number of considerations that you have to weigh before you can make definite purchases. How can you possibly determine which tool is worth the investment of your hard earned money and which ones you need to skip? The predominant guiding factor that you must use to guide every investment decision that you make has to deal with the impact that the purchase makes on the way you move through your daily routine. One of the more notable gadgets that have entered mainstream consciousness is the wifi thermostat. What is this device all about and is it worth the investment.

Ecobee3 review

In a nutshell, wifi thermostats are gadgets that allow you to control the heating and cooling aspects of your personal living space. The distinct feature that separates a wifi thermostat from the programmable home thermostat is its ability to make temperature adjustments in a remote manner. Through the use of a reliable internet connection, you can easily manipulate the temperature levels of your own home through a web page or even your mobile phone. There are a number of palpable advantages that could be acquired from the decision to acquire a wifi thermostat. By making the appropriate changes, you can make immense savings overtime by reducing your energy consumption. Instances where you forgot to turn off the heating or cooling functions in your own house can be easily remedied through the use of the said device. The market is currently saturated with several variations of this unique device. Considerable attention has been paid to the Ecobee3 WiFi Thermostat. Let’s take a closer look at the features and functions of the device in question and gauge its value as a viable purchase that you may potentially want to make.


There have been a number of Wi – Fi thermostats that have garnered a significant amount of attention over a period of time. Canadian company, Ecobee, has produced a distinctive product that carves out a marked sense of identity in the relatively saturated market of wireless thermostats. Most of the wireless thermostats that you may encounter are shaped in a Hockey puck – like manner. The Ecobee3 distinguishes itself from the competition by coming in an incredibly stylish shell. The device is is housed in a 3.9 black square shaped shell with rounded corners. In terms of width, the wireless thermostat comes in under an inch thick (0.90 – inches to be precise). The device’s physical package completes itself with a 3.5 inch full color touch display. Behind the device, a white walled plate contains 11 terminal connections for heat pumps, air handlers, cooling, heating, and accessories. Consumers who are interested in the question of device compatibility would be interested to note that the Ecobee3 is compatible with most 1 and 2 stage HVAC systems that are currently out in the market.

User Interface

A quick Ecobee3 review wouldn’t be complete without an exploration of the device’s display. The display of the device registers the current temperature that a room possesses. The right side of the interface possesses a vertical slider for users who are more interested in setting the temperature manually. The degree of responsiveness of the Ecobee3 possesses a degree of relatively agreeable sensitivity. As a whole, the screen itself is deeply responsive to every gesture and the interface lends itself well to an easy and intuitive navigational experience. The one negative that some users may find issues with have to deal with the slider settings. Some people may find the slider to be too sensitive. You might need to sneak in a few measured gestures before you can finally reach the desired temperature mark. All in all, the slider may be the only minimal flaw in an otherwise elegant interface.

The interface of the device is where users need to go to make the necessary HVAC system adjustments. If you want to set fan runtimes down to a specific schedule, you’ll need to spend most of your time fiddling around with the controls. One of the distinctive features that you may want to take advantage of is the extensive scheduling options that the Ecobee3 possesses. People who go off on trips on a constant basis can easily make good use of the wireless thermostat’s ability to work with your departure and arrival dates. There is also an expansive array of alerts that you can use. People who have trouble keeping track of an HVAC’s maintenance needs would do well to acquaint themselves with the alerts that cover filter replacements, maintenance schedules, and other notable notification features.

App Support for Handheld Devices and the Sensor

The biggest draw that most consumers want to be aware of has to deal with the device’s remote control features. For people who want to manipulate the device using their iOS or Android device, the Ecobee3 comes with basic apps for the said devices that allow each user to manipulate the basic functionality features that are located in the wireless thermostat’s native menus. Users who intend to use the mobile phone app to make alterations on the remote sensors of the device may end up feeling disappointed. The alterations in question need to be made on the device thermostat itself.

The box comes bundled with a single remote temperature and motion sensor that can readily be assigned to any room of your choice. This sensor automatically measures the temperature of the entire room and sends a signal to the wireless thermostat to ensure that the device maintains the proper degree of room temperature. The sensor automatically detects movement to bring the room up to a comfortable temperature level and suspend all heating and cooling mechanisms that are in place when the space is empty. Users who want to acquire additional sensors need to shell out about $79 for each additional sensor.

Installation Procedures and Wrap-up

As far as installation procedures are concerned, everything is straightforward and easy to pick up. People who aren’t familiar with the details surrounding thermostat wiring procedures can easily acquire a degree of familiarity from a quick glance at the device’s installation guide. If you still feel a bit hesitant with carrying out the installation procedure in a personal capacity, you may need to hire the services of a professional. All in all, the Ecobee3 comes in a sleek package and possesses a user – friendly interface. Installation procedures are simple and easy to understand and app and web support for a variety of iOS and Android devices come as a matter of course. The only gripe that people may find with the device has to deal with the slider. Overall, the Ecobee3 is a solid device for people who are looking for a reliable wireless thermostat.