Air conditioners are no strangers to myths.

We cannot hear the end of humidity turns heat sticky and that bigger ACs give more output. Half of what we hear about air conditioners is mostly false. Sometimes, we do not know what damage is being caused. It is a serious concern, especially when it is monetary loss.

Did you know that some of these myths could be costing you money? In this microblog, we will debunk five air conditioning myths that are wallet-drainers.

Myth Number One: Your House Will Cool Faster with the Thermostat Switched Off

While no such thing happens, even when you put off your thermostat or put it to its lowest setting, your air conditioner unit will run at the same pace as before. You will notice no perceivable difference in the cooling both with and without the thermostat. Instead, we tell you to keep your thermostat’s temperature as closer to the temperature outside your house as possible, as doing so will save you money. While we won’t recommend you try turning the thermostat off or to a low setting first upon reading this, we will tell you to take our word for it and keep inside and outside temperatures the same.

Myth Number Two: The Bigger Your AC Unit, The Better Performance, and Cooling You Get

Not true. The bigger they are, the harder they fall applies here instead. An air conditioning unit with too much capacity than space it is in will be automatically forced to intermittently turn its compressor on and off. This will wear out the entire unit, reducing its lifespan by a half. Not only will you need to get the compressor fixed, but you will also need to buy a new unit should the compressor be beyond repair, and the process itself will use up a lot of electricity.

That’s a wallet-drainer right there.

Myth Number Three: Turning the AC Off When Not in Use Will Save Energy

When the AC is not in use, it is entirely dead. Upon turning it on during a hot, hot summer day, your AC will have to work from scratch, in fact, twice as hard, to battle the surrounding temperature and cool the air around your house up.

It is better to keep the thermostat temperature up a bit (meaning keeping your home a little cooler than the outside temperature) while you are not using the AC instead of switching it off completely. When you put two and two together, you will realize that this saves you money instead of stealing from you.

Myth Number Four: Air Conditioners Cause “Summer Cold”

Not true.

A virus causes a cold. Not temperature. Should you have been exposed to something virulent, that will be the cause of a cold – or your fever. These body temperatures are just your body’s way of fighting the virus and nothing more. But it is wrong to say that ACs cause summer cold.

Myth Number Five: Let Your Old AC Die Completely Before You Buy a New One

If you keep holding on to an almost-dead AC, this almost dead AC will cost you more than buying a new AC that is, well, brand new and energy-efficient. You will actually save by buying a new AC by dragging your old one till its last breath.

Those were five air conditioning myths that are wallet-drainers debunked.