No one really knows how the world will come to an end – some say it will end in fire, while others claim that it will end in water. However, for most people, their home and family is their world and should anything happen to either of it, they would consider it nothing less than the end of the world. This would probably explain why an increasing number of people are investing in lightning protection, because they are quite aware of what lightning can do.

Lightning is basically a discharge of ions from the atmosphere and comes down with an electric force, working its way from the sky to earth. If there is nothing to neutralise the effect of the force, whatever stands in the way, gets damaged. For instance, if lightning hits a tree, the tree could be cut down or even get burnt; similarly, if a person is hit by lightning, chances are that he or she might not survive. So imagine this same electricity hitting your home or office, which is filled with expensive equipment, ranging from televisions to refrigerators, server systems to computer terminals. If lightning hits a building with full force, chances are strong that all your equipment could get damaged.

However, with modern day lightning protection services, it has actually become very easy to insulate and protect your home or office. The systems are installed in such a manner that even if lightning does hit, it will pass through the building and into the earth, without causing damage, or reducing it to the minimal level possible. While most of these systems might be too much to comprehend for the normal person, there are companies that have experts for the same. If you live or work in an area where thunderstorms and lightning are regular features, you might want to invest in the same.

In case you are looking for lightning protection in Ireland, do make sure that you choose to collaborate with a company that has been around for a fair few years and has the requisite experience as well as certifications and licensing that would be required for the job. Do ask about the projects they have handled in the past and whether they would be willing to provide the references that you request. Before they promise you anything, ideally, they should come and perform a thorough check of your property and then offer you a resolution that is customised specifically to your needs.