It’s fair to say mum life is no easy feat and anyone who has kids under the age of five years old, will understand the stress of keeping a watchful eye on your little ones, especially when there is more than one child involved. Safety is such a vital issue when it comes to young children, as they are still learning to understand what’s wrong and what’s right. There has been way too many incidents over the years where a child had eaten or drunk something that can be harmful, and in some cases fatal to their health. As an adult we know not to drink a bottle of bleach, but toddlers don’t know any different. This is why it’s highly important to keep harmful substances locked away safely, so they are out of reach.

The easiest way to keep your little ones from accessing things they shouldn’t is by adding a lock or bolt on to the door or cabinet of your choice. I personally went for antique bronze door bolts over locks as they were more in keeping with the tone of the house, and to be honest they looked easier to fit. However when fitting the bolt or lock, I would highly recommend you attach it where it is out of reach. When I first installed the bolts in the bathroom, I was na├»ve to think that with a bolt on the door the kids wouldn’t be able to get in. I’ll never forget the day when I walked into the bathroom and my youngest was sitting on the floor holding the bottle of toilet bleach. Luckily she couldn’t get past the twisted cap, but in that moment I had realised that the bolts needed to be a lot higher. That evening my husband came home and after he helped me put the kids to bed, we went round the house and moved all of the bolts up higher. Since then I have had peace of mind knowing my cheeky little monsters can’t reach substances that are hazardous to their health’s.

Now, I’m quite conscious about how my house looks, especially when we’ve spent so much time and money making it look idyllic. So you can imagine my reaction when my generic web search for bolts, came back with these huge fixings that just looked like complete eyesores! I knew the safety of my kids was more important, however I was certain I could find something that would suit the style of the kitchen and bathroom, as well as protecting my kids at the same time. In keeping with the style of both the kitchen and the bathroom, I decided I wanted brushed chrome bathroom bolts to suit its minimalistic bravura, and to match the country cottage look I opted for bronze looking door bolts in the kitchen.