Are you planning to buy sliding doors, and don’t know if you should go for patio doors or sliding ones? If so, we may help you. The basic difference between a patio door and a sliding door is that a patio one swings while a sliding one slides. Typically, a sliding door features a matching panel and a sliding panel. The matching panel slides in the bottom and top tracks. On the other hand, a patio door is a pair of doors and features a fixed panel and a hinged panel. Based on the type you want to buy, it will either swing outward or inward. Let’s find out more about it.

At times, patio doors are also referred to as French doors. They feature a pair of patio doors hinging at the opposite sides. When opened, they show a large entrance. Normally, patio doors and sliders are bought as a complete system, which includes threshold, jambs and other essential weather-stripping. For energy saving, they tend to interlock.

Not all patio doors are designed for outdoor use. The purpose of the interior type is to join one room to another. They separate one room from another when closed and offer access to the rooms when opened.

Single or Multiple Glass Panes

True French doors feature several glass panes divided by muntins made from wood. The glass panes are built separately. In other words, if you place an order for one with 10 wooden doors, they will build it with 10 individual panes, and the panes will be inserted independently.

If you want, you can go for this type, but the majority of vendors sell ones with panes that are divided by faux. They feature snap-in wooden grilles, and look very beautiful. However, the cost of making them is lesser. Plus, they are easier to clean when compared to the true divided panes.

Many grille types feature gridwork of panes in pairs of 6, 8 or 10, for instance. They gridwork is evenly-spaced. Other types feature panes that are horizontal panes, and they can be 4, 5 or 6 in number. You can also find grill configurations that feature different styles.

The Size

As far as the width of the doors is concerned, you will see that most of them have a width of 60 inches and a height of 60 inches. If you want to order some with different measurements, you may have to be willing to pay a lot more.

Usually, the thickness of these doors is 1 ¾ or 1 3/8 inches. Aside from the conventional 6 feet and 8 inch height, you may also finder some that measure 6 feet 11 inch in height and up to 8 feet in width.

Moreover, some doors have windows on the side panes, and others have windows on the tops.

So, if you are looking for sliding doors to meet your needs, you may want to re-read this article to equip yourself with the type you actually want. Hope this helps.