As you may know, concrete is among the most popular building materials that you can find today. Most commercial establishments and residential properties use concrete because of its many advantages. Most property owners opt for this because of the following reasons:

  • Ease of access to it as compared to natural stones
  • High degree of durability
  • Can be molded in various shapes
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Does not deteriorate fast
  • Can withstand high temperature, wind and water
  • Fire-safe material

However, similar to any kind of building materials, concrete also has several drawbacks. These include the plain concrete that can look very boring. Good thing there is an excellent way of overcoming such disadvantage. Opting for decorative concrete and polished concrete is a smart move to add more life to this plain material.

Polished concrete uses various chemicals on current concrete to transform its texture and colour in a non-destructive, safe, eco-friendly manner and smooth finish. It is considered a versatile solution that has a couple of application. It can be used on existing and new concrete and on internal flooring. Generally, it is used in horizontal situations similar to those in the garage, patio, pathway, and indoors. Also, it may be used for vertical applications like in feature walls. In commercial properties, polished concrete is usually found in showrooms, schools, retail stores, hospitals, entrances, and even on some streetscapes.

Bear in mind that polished concrete, like ordinary concrete, is hard-wearing and durable. But if you choose to extend its like, you might want to consider using a concrete sealer, most especially on surfaces where grime, chemicals or dust accumulate especially indoors but these will include paths, driveways and other outdoor surfaces. Pollutants may get into concrete pores without these sealers; hence, undermining the decorative concrete’s appearance.

In other words, this sealer serves as a coat that will act as a barrier between the environment and the concrete. You can also make use of sealers on existing concrete surfaces to improve its appearance. Oftentimes, existing concrete are being resurfaced with polished one. Experts highly emphasized that concrete resurfacing is also a great way of transforming concrete surfaces. This can be your best option for surfaces that have a sound condition. This further means that when there are cracks or defects, repairing it first is a must prior to resurfacing it with polished concrete. This will not only ensure a longer lasting result but also a safer one.