The construction industry gets a number of people to join in every year. These people may or may not be skilled when it comes to working in the industry. There are a lot of things that need to be taken care of when working on a construction site. It can be dangerous in one way or the other. Experts from Brooklyn share ways to safely do cement work. Here are some of the pointers that workers need to keep in mind.

Protect your eyes and head: While working on the construction site, there are many posed threats to the workers. The head and the eyes are some of the primary parts that can be exposed easily to the cement work in the air. It is essential to protect these areas while working. While wearing can protect the head a tough site helmet made for the purpose of protecting your skull from potential fall of things from the top floors of the site, the eyes can easily be protected from the cement filled air by simply wearing glasses.

On some jobs, it may be advisable to wear full-cover goggles or safety glasses with side shields. Sight is precious. Protect the head and eyes by using proper safety equipment and remaining alert.

Skin protection: Cement work can cause skin irritation and development of rashes on the body or chemical burns. In order to avoid this, it is suggested that workers wear full-sleeved clothing and ensure that they take regular breaks to wash off the cement on their body. Prolonged contact with fresh cement can cause third-degree burns as well. It is also suggested that the workers make regular visits to a skin specialist to get the area checked for any probable issues.

Protect the back: Making cement base requires a lot of raw material that can be heavy in smaller quantities as well. The list includes sand, coarse aggregate, water and Portland cement. Lifting them up on the back in order to put them from one place to another can give the workers a pulled muscle or even slip disc. It is essential that either a machine is used for the transfers or the workers take actual care of transferring the load in turns so as to give their backs some rest in the process. Pushing around the material on the wheelbarrow works best for the workers as well as site builder as it is easy on their pocket.