When you go into a house, one of the first things you’ll notice is the state of the bathroom. Heck, we even critique our own bathroom, thinking up ideas that will take it from blah to fab.

Real estate agents have long believed that the most important rooms in the house when you’re looking to buy or sell are the kitchens and bathrooms. Why? Because potential buyers know that renovating a bathroom or a kitchen takes a lot of money. If you already like the condition of the bathroom then you’re more likely to put an offer in than if you know it’ll cost you an arm and a leg to renovate.

But wait a minute, not all renovations have to be costly. Sure they are if you gut the room and start from scratch but sometimes a few little fixes can make the room look like a million bucks.

We’ll start at the sink. Sinks themselves don’t have to be a big ticket item and with all of the different vessels out there now to choose from you could go from a basic sink in the counter idea to a new look, beautiful glass or ceramic bowl that sits atop.

And what about the taps? With so many finishes and looks these days you can go to town with a new look, just with new fixtures. They have two handled faucets that always look classy, high arc faucets that allow your hands extra room while gracefully sitting on your sink and there are faucets that mix old fashioned looks with modern lines, which are stunning to see.

A light in the bathroom is a necessity. A good light is something that all bathrooms should have, and it should accent the decor while being something to behold in itself. Tying it all in with the grand scheme of the bathroom will do wonders for the aesthetic of the room. While it is cheaper to replace the existing light with a new one, you can also redo the lighting entirely and go with a ceiling fixture, pot lights or a wall mounted fixture that redefines the room.

Bathrooms are a necessity in a home. We use them every day and sometimes you just feel like you need to spruce it up a touch. Don’t necessarily go with a complete redo, take it one step at a time to achieve that dream bathroom.