For many people, decorating their cloakroom is one of the last things they do when they are decorating their house. In most houses, the cloakroom is generally quite a small, but functional room downstairs in the house. There is not normally a huge amount of space in this room, which makes the decision of which basin to buy quite a tricky decision. In this article, we will consider some of the factors you should take into account when buying cloakroom basins.

Normally the most important factor that people consider is the space they have in a cloakroom – what is possible with the size and dimensions of the room. For example, if it is a very large cloakroom, then you are almost spoilt for choice. In comparison, a very small cloakroom may mean that you can only really choose one or two types of cloakroom basins.

Remember just because you may have a small cloakroom, this does not mean it cannot still be stylish. Below, we have considered some of the more popular types of cloakroom basins, looking at some of the pros and cons of each.

For smaller bathrooms, corner basins are extremely popular. Corner basins are essentially sinks which fit into a corner section of the wall. Because they are fitted this way, they can maximise the space surrounding the basin, whilst still being easily accessible. For bathrooms when there actual square footage is quite small, and there is less floor space, corner basins are usually the preferred option.

Whilst it is true that corner basins are probably most suitable for cloakrooms, some people are also happy to use these basins in larger bathrooms. For example, a lot of the older hotels will still have corner basins in their bathrooms. So the main advantage to corner basins is that they take up less space, allow to you maximise floor space, whilst still being highly functional.

The only real disadvantage of corner basins is that they can sometimes tend to be a bit on the smaller side. If you do feel that a corner basin is the right choice for your cloakroom, then make sure to do your research and find the right size for your home.

Other people prefer wall hung basins – essentially sinks which hang to your cloakroom wall. Immediately you can see the major advantage with these sinks – they do not take up any floor space as they are hanging from the wall. If you have a smaller cloakroom, then this can be a determining factor. However, these basins lack the functionality of corner basins, in that they may still take up more outward-facing space in the cloakroom.

Another advantage of the wall hung basins is that you can customise the height of the basin. If you are living in a house with your kids, for example, you may need the basin to be a little bit lower so that your children can reach the basin. This is not always true for other cloakroom basins, which may be at that slightly more uncomfortable height.

There are of course other options for your cloakroom basins – for example, pedestal units, compact units, counter top basins etc. The key thing here is to consider your bathroom or cloakroom and try to understand what would fit best. If you have time, then draw a to-scale diagram of your bathroom. This will allow you to realistically play around with multiple ideas or designs so that you can visualise your dream bathroom. Remember, always take the time to consider your options and make the one which is most suitable for your home.